Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts

Initiated by Chandraguptha Thenuwara VAFA was first started as the Vibhavi Fine Arts Studio offering weekend course programmes in 1993. It evolved into a full-fledged art school under the name of 'Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts' in 1996 with a one off grant from the Netherlands organization HIVOS.

Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts (VAFA), a non-government and non-profit making institution, was established as an alternative and independent school for teaching fine arts in Sri Lanka.

VAFA as an alternative art school offers a non-certificate oriented art education to students who are unable to access, or have been marginalized by the state art institutions or educational system.

VAFA was set up to open up possibilities for adult education as well as to give an opportunity to students to receive an art education that were not had opportunity enroll to higher education in visual arts in state sponsored the art institute.

VAFA courses in visual arts are STUDIO BASED programs which exposes students to rigorous academic study on one hand and on the other to a highly liberal, avant-garde thinking towards evolving artistic personality in the context of a culturally diverse Sri Lanka.

VAFA is directed by recognized practising artists and scholars, oriented not towards the award of diplomas and degrees, but towards imparting knowledge, both theoretical and technical of arts in their social and cultural matrix.

VAFA courses open to anyone over the age of 15. No paper qualification needed. Inner Necessity to do art is enough to enroll any time of the year for the part time courses except Sundays, Mondays and Public Holidays.

Name of the Institute: Vibhavi Academy of Fine Arts
Address: 108/20, Salgaha Mawatha, Beddagana Road, Kotte
Telephone & Fax: 0012877309
Founder Year: 1993

Council of Management
Chair: Chandraguptha Thenuwara
Treasurer: Amal Randeniya

Director: Kusal Gunasekara
Deputy Director: Shyama Jayawardhene

Programme Range:
From Studio Based Visual Art Programmes to Social Engaged Art Activities

  • Workshops & Studio Based courses (From One-day workshops to Four year studio courses)
  • Teacher Training Workshops
  • Artists in Residence
  • Exhibitions
  • Artists Camps
  • Publications


  • Reference Library: Substantial collection of books, journals, catalogues
  • Easels, Drawing Boards
  • Sculpture Wheels
  • Throwing Wheels
  • Foundation Studio cum Gallery/Auditorium
  • Figure Painting Studio
  • Sculpture Studios
  • Multi-Media

Enrollment Eligibility:
Anybody over 15years, with strong motivation to study Art
No paper qualifications are required to follow any course offered at VAFA

Study Programmes::
Foundation and Advance Studios on Drawing /Painting /Sculpture/Nature Studies/ Figure Drawing and Painting

Duration: One Year, Three Months and Six Months
Study Options: Full Time / Part Time
Studio working days & hours: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday, from 9.30 -12.30 and 1.30-4.30
Maximum Students Number per Class: 15
Payment Options: Full or Installments